Tree, two, one – cook!


Tree, two, one – cook!


In early 2016, we had the honor of producing the third season of the favorite Croatian culinary show “Three, Two, One – Cook!“. After succesfull season, our team was ready for the 4th season which started with broadcast on 30th of Januar, 2017.

Last two seasons brought many new features and one of them is that this time the contestants are cooking – in pair! Teams that were part of these seasons famous gastronomic show have fought for the title of best amateur cooks and a cash prize of 100,000 kuna.

Tree, two, one – cook!

Jury that’s guiding our candidates through the program and culinary skills are known chefs and experts Željka Klemenčić, Tomislav Špiček i Ivan Pažanin.

Famous Croatian actress and the host, Doris Pincic Rogoznica, was hosting each episode of this great culinary spectacle.

Third season of gastro show “Three, two, one – cook!” started broadcasting on 1st of Fabruary 2015 on Croatian RTL television, and had its finale on 26th of May 2016. Our jury members declared Petra Ergic and Filipa Sorko the best amateur cooks of 3rd season of “Three, two, one – cook!” show.

The fourth season is curently broadcasting on Croatian RTL television where you can follow the new gastro adventures every evening from Monday to Thursday.